DE LOUISVILLE tuscan, from Sentinel Type, designed by James Arboghast

Relive the spirit of 19th century America in whimsical upbeat style with De Louisville tuscan. Echoing the Victorian craze for lavish decoration, De Louisville captures the antique flavor of a music parlor with refreshing cartoon ambiance. Cute, bubbly curves evoke strawberries & cream, a frothy head of beer, or the lace trimmings of a fine young lady's skirt, in a light-hearted display face designed for contemporary use.

De Louisville is ideal for confectionary, 19th century Americana, toys and feminine subjects .

The De Louisville set features:

* De Louisville Regular for print
* De Louisville Bold for low resolution media
* De Louisville Small Caps companion font
* 23 alternate & extra characters, some with 'blind' counters
* Embeddable for use with Adobe .PDF documents

De Louisville is free for personal & non-profit use. For use on a commercial design job you must purchase the commercial license version, available from Please read the End User License Agreement included in this package for details.


Getting the best from De Louisville

De Louisville is designed to work at large sizes in print on a suitable photo or background. On-screen, where resolution is typically 96 dots per inch or less, the thin strokes have a habit of vanishing. To solve this problem & extend the font's useful range (both in print and onscreen) a bold version is provided -- the same character silhouettes as De Louisville Regular with double thickness strokes.

Print typography: (600 - 2400 DPI)
* High resolution gives the best results,
* High quality laser, dye transfer, or film/litho process will do a finer job
* For a bubble-jet printer use hard-surfaced or glossy paper & maximum resolution
* For very small sizes in print (6 to 18 points) DL bold is often a good choice

On-screen typography: (72 - 96 DPI)
* 36 points or larger use De Louisville Regular
* 36 points - 24 points use De Louisville Bold
* At 20 points or less you should consider using another, less contrasty typeface instead of De Louisville; the bold version is not designed to work below 20 points on-screen.

Wearables & screen printed t-shirts:
* use DeLouisville Bold

* Experiment with font & background colors for the sharpest results

Extra Characters Guide
Glyph Cell Keystroke PC MAC
lowercase 'r' caret SHIFT+6
blind 'P' tilde SHIFT+`(left quote)
euro Euro ALT+0128 OPT+SHIFT2
blind 'R' florin ALT+0131 OPT+f
OE ligature OE ALT+0140 OPT+SHIFT+q
TM trademark ALT+0153 OPT+h
oe ligature OE ALT+0156 OPT+x
cent cent ALT+0162 OPT+4
sterling sterling ALT+0163 OPT+3
alternate blind 'P' currency ALT+0164 OPT+SHIFT+2
yen yen ALT+0165 OPT+y
alternate 'F' section ALT+0167 OPT+6
(C) copyright ALT+0169 OPT+g
(R) registered ALT+0174 OPT+r
alternate 4 2 superior ALT+0178 ? ? ?
blind 'a' 3 superior ALT+0179 ? ? ?
'AND' ligature mu (micro) ALT+0181 OPT+m
alternate 'R' 1 superior ALT+0185 ? ? ?
lowercase 't' 1 quarter ALT+0188 OPT+p
blind 'B' 1 half ALT+0189 OPT+SHIFT+p
blind 'O' 3 quarters ALT+0190 OPT+SHIFT+,
AE ligature AE ALT+0198 OPT+SHIFT+'
ae ligature ae ALT+0230 OPT+'+a