______ __ __ _____ __
| || |.--.--.| |--.| \ |__|.---.-.
| ---|| || | || _ || -- || || _ |
|______||__||_____||_____||_____/ |__||___._| *

2003 Juan A. Zamarripa E.

Thanks for downloading this font.

It is based on some receipts from my local
super discount mini-market.

It contains the basic A-Z characters (+),
with a variation for (capital) letters A, D
and I, as well as the numbers 0-9, plus basic
punctuation characters (as might be found on
the aforementioned receipts).

There *might* be a version with more variations
between the capital and lower case letters in the
future. It will depend on the response...

Feel "free" to use it for all the personal uses
you can imagine (especially if it's an anti oil war
statement/graphic!). Send me samples!

You like/d? then link to this site:


Visit, while you're at it.

Contact me if you want to use it commercially, or
if you *need* the PostScript version(!):




* ASCII text courtesy of http://www.schnoggo.com/figlet.html

P.S. Please do consider donating to www.truthout.org ...