Thanks for downloading "Brady Bunch Remastered" from Insanitype! Font Design. This font is loosely based on the logo from the Brady Bunch television show and movie. The original version was made from scratch, and this version was touched up in Font Creator Program and Fontographer. It includes all international characters and a cool dingbat picture of yours truly. If you use it, please let me know!

Changes in this version:
1.) I added a lowercase "g"
2.) Did some general touch-ups. If you noticed, the original "Brady Bunch" font was made completely from scratch in Softy. No auto-tracing. Nothing. Softy was the only free font program at the time. It didn't have fancy options like "Remove Overlap" or anything, and that caused some problems, especially in the international characters, but it was noticeable in a few keyboard characters as well, such as the dollar sign. Anyhoot, i fancy-ized it in a more fancy-ized program.
3.) Changed the name, so you can still keep both Brady Bunch and Brady Bunch Remastered on your system.


This font is freeware. Feel free to use it all you want in any commercial or non-commercial projects including webpages, reports, etc. If you feel so inclined, I would appreciate a $15 registration fee for commercial projects. Hey, even if you don't use it in a commercial project, I'll take a donation. For this, please contact me via e-mail. You may redistribute this font all you like, but you must keep this documentation with it, and you may not edit it in any way without first gaining my permission. You may NOT sell this or any other of my fonts, or include in a product for sale without first gaining my permission. (*cough* *cough* Green Bay *cough *cough*)


Adam Nerland
Insanitype! Font Design