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"Tourist Trap" is the 46th free font from Rich Gast.

It was originally created on 09/10/00.

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The character set includes:

Left Tilted Caps are Lower Case letters
Right Tilted Caps are Upper Case letters
Left Tilted Fill are alt0217 thru alt0242
Right Tilted Fill are alt0191 thru alt0216
Left Tilted Numbers are Numbers
Right Tilted Numbers are Shift+Number
Left Tilted Number Fill are alt0180 thru alt0189
Right Tilted Number Fill are alt0170 thru alt0179
Period is . Period Fill is >
Comma is , Comma Fill is <
Dash is - Dash Fill is alt0132
Single Quote is ' Fill is alt0244
Single Smart Quote Fill is alt0243 & alt0244
Double Quote is " Fill is alt0246
Double Smart Quote Fill is alt0245 & alt0246
Exclamation: Left Tilt is \ Right Tilt is | (shift\)
Ampersand: Left Tilt is ` Right Tilt is ~
Ampersand Fill: Left Tilt is alt0162 Right Tilt is alt0163
Dollar Sign: Left Tilt is = Right Tilt is +
Dollar Sign Fill: Left Tilt is = alt0164 Right Tilt is alt0165
Left Parenthesis: Left Tilt is [ Right Tilt is {
Left Parenthesis Fill: Left Tilt is alt0136 Right Tilt is alt0138
Right Parenthesis: Left Tilt is ] RIght Tilt is }
Right Parenthesis Fill: Left Tilt is alt0137 Right Tilt is alt0139
Question Mark: Left Tilt is / Right Tilt is ?
Question Mark Fill: Left Tilt is alt0130 Right Tilt is alt0131
Colon is : Colon Fill is alt0155
Semicolon is ; Semicolon Fill is alt0156
Ellipsis is alt0133 Ellipsis Fill is alt0190
At (@): Left Tilt is alt0150 Right Tilt is alt0151
At (@) Fill: Left Tilt is alt0152 Right Tilt is alt0153
Copyright (©): Left Tilt is alt0168 Right Tilt is alt0169
Copyright (©) Fill: Left Tilt is alt0166 Right Tilt is alt0167

Tourist Trap is my effort at the type of lettering used on those
great t-shirts that Grandma buys the little tykes in Fort Walton
Beach or Gatlinburg. Both the outline and the "fill" are included
in the same font. And with the iron-on transfer paper now available
for you home ink jet printer, you can now make the shirts at home
without spending the money or the hours behind the wheel to actually
take the kids on vacation.

Oh, yeah....I almost forgot. If (for some unknown reason) you really
do want to make a donation to encourage me to continue my creative
efforts, send it to the address above. (Yeah....As If!) Thanks & Enjoy!

..... Rich Gast
GreyWolf WebWorks