README.TXTD* %%TEXTttxtL-5ZJanuary 1997

In the late 1980s and early 1990s I released several typefaces as promo-ware, that is, the typefaces were free, but if one sent me money, I returned additional typefaces. Among the promo-ware faces I released were RedLetter, SalloonExt, Serpent, Zarrow, and ZirkleOne. (The last of these came in two weights.)

These typefaces have circulated widely in the years since, and by now they have usually lost their original message, and sometimes also their copyright notice as unscrupulous people converted them from format to format. I would like to put them to work for me again because I now have a new product to promote, the--the No-Hype Type CD, a collection of 500 original typefaces (not shareware or pirateware--in which someone has altered a typeface file just enough to avoid copyright infringement). The CD is crossplatform, running on both MacOS and MS-Windows 95 (it does not mount properly on MS-Windows 3.1--a problem in the manufacturing process that I had no control over. The typefaces are in both Apple TrueType and Adobe Type 1 formats, and they contain the normal Western European accented characters and punctuation. For more information contact me at, or point your web browser to . (If this address does no longer works by the time you get this, which may be years from now, mail me and I will another one.

Thank you
Robert Schenk2/ (n()n p)@)@)@
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