Can Control TTF Font by Hyrax (c) 2001
Well, this is my FIRST TTF font, and let me tell
you, I've been humbled :) The amount of work put into
a font is amazing, and I have much more respect for
the people who do this for a living...
There are some problems with this font...first of
course being kerning, which at least to me, isn't the
easiest thing to tackle! It's obviously less than
perfect ;( Also there are some size differences
between the letters, but I tried to fix the most of
them up!

Thanks go out to: Aero - Who provided a picture of his
hand styles, which this font
is based off.

Zyphar - For listening to me complain
about the trouble i've had
making this!!!

Trixxy - Who was the only one who
offered to help me convert
some outlines when I asked.


Feel free to use this font in whatever you like :)
However, do NOT feel free to redistribute it without
this text file, or sell it, because it's my work
not yours, so craw.


Contact Info
ICQ : 4408800
AIM : antigregarious