The fonts and other files in this package are copyrighted by
Curtis Clark, and are subject to this liberal, fairly explicit,
and somewhat lengthy license agreement, which you accept by
using the fonts.


Although I have taken care to see that they work, the fonts are
not warranted to work on your system (or even on mine). You use
them at your own risk.


The fonts are free for personal use:

1. You may use them on any machine that you own or control.

2. You may alter or modify them, or translate them into any other
format (please note that you may *not* distribute a modified
or translated font--see below).

3. You may use the font for writing or symbols, on paper, in
another computer application (e.g. a drawing program), or in
any other medium, as long as the writing or symbols are
neither sold nor published.


The fonts may be used to produce published printed material
(whether it is sold or not), or printed material that is sold
or done for hire (even if it is not published) if *either one*
of the following conditions is met:

1. Payment of a US$10 shareware fee that entitles you to use
the font in perpetuity, but only on one computer at a
time (or a single US$35 fee for all the fonts covered by
this license), or

2. Sending to me one copy of each published, sold, or contracted
work in which a font is used. (Non-profit publishers of
periodicals such as newsletters, calendars, etc., may send a
single example of a work in which a font is used; please
contact me if you are not sure whether you qualify. For
scholarly work published in a journal, a reprint is

The fonts may be included in commercial software after securing
my permission in advance. I will expect:

1. Acknowledgment of the authorship of the fonts.

2. Receipt of one registerable full version of the software, to
be used or given away as I see fit.

I may choose to withhold permission to include the fonts in
software I deem objectionable.


The fonts may be distributed by individuals, bulletin board
systems, FTP sites, WWW sites, etc., without restriction as long

1. No fee is charged for the fonts (this does not include
subscription or access fees for a bulletin board or online

2. All files are included.

3. None are modified.

The fonts may be distributed as part of "shareware libraries",
provided that:

1. All files are included

2. None is modified

3. I receive a copy of every different disk or CD containing my
fonts, to use or give away as I see fit.

If you want to distribute a translated version (e.g., Type 1,
Macintosh Truetype) of one of my fonts, please contact me.

For any uses not covered explicitly by this agreement, please
contact me.

I am always grateful for acknowledgment of my fonts, especially
if you send samples showing how you have used them.

Curtis Clark
Biological Sciences
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Pomona CA 91768

This license agreement is placed in the public domain. If you
like it, snarf it.