TrueType & Adobe Type-1 Fonts
Gerard Bernor

The font accompanying this text file has been professionally designed and drawn and is not the result of scanning or autotracing as is the case with many "so-called" Shareware fonts. All fonts contain the full Windows ANSI character set including all accented and special characters unless otherwise noted in the on-line font description.

The individual characters have been drawn at 750 points to insure that the resulting realization of every character will be clear and sharp at all point sizes and with a minimum number of control points. The font has also been "hinted" to improve its appearance at smaller sizes. However, depending on the font style, complexity, cursivness and resolution of your printer, there is a downward point size limit at which a font may not appear visually pleasing. This often occurs with Script, Old English and other highly decorative style fonts.

This font is being distributed as Shareware with a modest $1.00 registration fee. In addition to this font I also have over 2000 TrueType and Adobe Type-1 and Type-3 fonts which will be released individually as they pass my Windows 3.11 quality control checks.

To register your font send $1.00 to;

Gerard Bernor
9044 Bayou Drive
Tampa, FL 33635-5925
(813) 882-8693

If you have any questions, problems or comments I can be reached on
America On-Line as "KidBayou."

Thank You