These fonts copyright 2008 TracerTong/WhoAmI
-- Contributions to the art of page decoration --

These fonts are freeware for independent creation and non-profit use ONLY.
This excludes use by "mainstream" publishers without a license fee.
Use by a "mainstream" publisher (or its employee) and use for commercial
production (e.g. magazine ads, merchandise labels) requires a license fee
be paid to the designer, Paul Reid (TracerTong).

These fonts must NOT be redistributed without the author's permission and
must always include this text file in the .zip or .rar file.

TracerTong/WhoAmI/Paul Reid makes no guarantees about these font files,
the completeness of character sets, or safety of these files on your computer.
By installing these fonts on your system, you prove that you have read
and understand the above.


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Paul Reid (TracerTong)