13th Degree Font Foundry
All Files included are Copyright 1999 Zane Townsend.

Web Site: http://members.xoom.com/13th_degree/
Email: ztownsend@hotmail.com

Revision notes: None, 1st release.

Special character notes: To add more orbits around your capital letters use the open bracket, close bracket and backslash keys before the letter. Example keystrokes [\M will give you 3 orbits around M. There is a known spacing issue with orbits around lower case letters that I hope to fix by the next release.

Other Notes: I made this font for my girlfriend Lisa, she studies Japanese language so I titled it with the Japanese pronunciation, Misa or Risa are both acceptable but I went with Misa because that's the way Lisa was pronounced in my favorite Japanese show


This font package is Shareware. If you wish to distribute it,
please include all of files that came with along with this document
(consisting of; license.txt, license.htm, Readme.txt, file_id.diz, 13th_degree.url, and all other files included with the original.)

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