OregonDry v1.1 (2/92)

OregonDry is OregonWet, minus the splash/water drop effect)

Shareware from an Oregon Artist: $5.00
Remit to: Pat Snyder
1797 Ross Inlet Road
Coos Bay OR 97420

If you use OregonWet (a graphic Type 1 Postscript typeface with the effect of water/raindrops/tears surrounding or splashing near each character), OregonDry is the identical font without the splash effect. It's also a full font with upper and lower case letters, numbers, most shifted-number symbols and punctuation. The fonts can be combined for creative effects for before and after messages. Each stands on its own for display or ad copy.

Note: Punctuation uses normal keyboard strokes for: : ; ' , . / and ?. Double quotes, " ", for before and after words are handled by the Mac's often undiscovered built in keystrokes for making curly quotes instead of typewriter quotes: Option-[ types a beginning double quote and Option-Shift-[ types an end double quote. It's best at/over 36 and very effective in Outline or Shadow. Screen fonts include 24 and up.

Install via DA Mover or Suitcase and test display it at 36 and up. Place the Printer Description File in your system folder. If your software does not require the AFM File, discard it.

Try OregonDry at these sizes: 36 points and up:
1234567890 - = ! # $ % & ( ) _ +
abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxy ; : '/ ?

48 pt: The Dry Brown Fox Jumped Over The Quick Lazy Dog.
60 pt: Outline
72 pt: Shadow

I teach drawing, painting, printmaking, and commercial art to high school students; and also produce serious art for local, regional and national juried exhibitions. This was the third Type 1 font I created: SnyderSpeed, a sign painter's hand-lettered brush stroke alphabet was the first.

Try and ENJOY!.......then if you use and enjoy, honor the cheap shareware fee of $5. If you SHARE this font, please include all files and documents in one folder.

Comments, suggestionsÉ both bricks and bouquets always welcome to
Pat or Gail at the above address or:
CompuServe: 76307,2431.
America Online: Rps82
Hint: a software library search entering Rps82 will list all of my fonts
except OregonWet which is under Rps8. On CServe search/find 76307,2431.

Since creating my first font SnyderSpeed Brush (11/91 v.1 upper case only), the encouragement of shareware fees and/or input from users, allowed me to update SnyderSpeed by adding lower case (1/92), plus create OregonWet (on AOL's Nov. 91 top download's list), OregonDry, MarkerFeltThin 2/92, MarkerFeltWide 4/92 (used by Aldus Magazine's "New Comics" article, pgs.18-20 July/Aug '92 issue) and StarsAndStripes 7/92; updates to MarkerFelt Thin v2, MFWide v2 and (SnyderSpeed Brush v3 9/92 and ComicsCartoon 10/92, both top downloads; NeedlePointSew 11/92. Fonts are available both in Type 1 and True Type Formats on AOL and Type 1 on CompuServe.

¥Ê11/92 Note: Major updates to MarkerFeltThin (v2), MarkerFeltWide (v2) and SnyderSpeed Brush (v3) were completed 8/92, with 40 new characters and/symbols added to each including em and en dashes, bullet, #, cents sign, ellipses, and © ª ¨. They haven't yet been released via modem or catalog/disk services, as I'm in the long process of mailing registered users free updates -- first serving users who have or are registering two or more of my fonts. (It DOES pay to support shareware!)

For users who have registered only one font, I plan upload updated versions listed above in Type 1 and TT formats within the next two months.

Fonts are available both in Type 1 True Type Formats on AOL; Type 1 on CompuServe. ( OregonDry v1.1corrected a minor numbering conflict at sizes over 48 points when directly used in combination with OregonWet)

Thanks ahead of time for supporting shareware.