April 1991

TrueTypeª format notice.

Notes on LORVADª (formerly Printers Devil) fonts:
These fonts have been converted from PostScript type1 format to TrueTypeª format. You will need the TrueTypeª software and System 6.07 or System 7 in order to use them.
LoopDeLoop is a fun display font. Its uppercase characters are based on the font Bee Line. They have a stroked effect simulating a continuous line, looped to create each character. The lowercase characters are a solid variation on the shape of the uppercase. This set contains only about sixty characters. There is minimal kerning. Looks nice as an opening decorative capital. Shareware $10.
Albatross is a text body font with a moderately short x-height. The relative point size is a bit small (i.e. 14 point is closer to what most people would consider 12 point). It contains all the regular characters and many special characters. Shareware $10.
Judas is a display font patterned on Adobe wood type Ironwood (which is patterned on an old wood type). It contains only caps, numbers, and a few special characters. It seems to look best at 16 points or larger. Very interesting negative space It is shareware-$10 (or thirty silver dollars if you want us to feel guilty).
Current LORVAD fonts include: Bodidly Bold, Oswald Black, Oswald Grey, BlackForest, InkaBod, CartWright, Judas, Albatross, and LoopDeLoop.
These fonts are NOT demos. Unless noted they contain all the regular alphanumeric characters. Most contain an assortment of special characters. Fonts contain ÒhintingÓ; usually over one hundred kerning pairs are defined. AFM files are included.
Bodidly Bold and Oswald Black look great in small or large sizes.
BlackForest and Inkabod are designed without any curves. With one or two exceptions all angles are multiples of 45 degrees. BlackForest has an old world German feel. It seems to look best about 24 points. InkaBod is based on the bitmapped font Nordic. On the LaserWriter it looks great at 14 points and above. On the ImageWriter, try it at 18 points and larger.
CartWright is inspired by the Adobe wood type Ponderosa font. It contains only the basic 90+ characters.
There are one or two bitmap screenfonts imbedded in the suitcase along with the outline font. These screenfonts are just your basic Fontographer-generated characters with minimal touchup. TrueTypeª technology will generate screenfonts as you need them.

LORVADª fonts are distributed in the spirit of shareware. Try them out for a month. If you decide to keep any of these fonts you are required to send a $10 per font registration fee to:
PoBox 1828
Easton Md 21601
Please indicate what font(s) you are registering and where you found them. Maryland residents should include 5% sales tax.
Because of the relatively low price we ask that you send in the shareware fee even if you have registered the same typeface in type 1 format.

These products may be distributed freely as long as the following conditions are met: The files may not be modified and this notice must be included with each font or group of LORVADª fonts; Fonts may be included on collections of Public Domain and Shareware disks providing that no more than $10 is charged for the disk. Distribution by electronic BBS is allowed.

If you paid for a disk with any of these fonts you are still required to send in your registration fee if you decide to keep them.

The Bottom Line: We will continue to release laser fonts in a non-crippled format as long as there is a fair response to the registration fee.