Scriptorium Font Library - Shareware Note

This font is distributed as shareware. It is yours to use and enjoy
for 30 days, but at the end of that time, if you are still using it you
are morally obligated to send us the shareware fee.

That money won't be wasted because we'll use it to upgrade our
hardware and software to bring you more and better fonts in the

There are two ways to pay the shareware fee.

1) You can send in $5 and keep on using this font and forget all about

-- OR --

2) You can send in $12 and we'll send you a sampler disk with a
dozen fonts from the Scriptorium Font Library, which features a
large number of unusual text, display and calligraphic fonts in
TrueType or Postscript format. Please specify which font you
downloaded when purchasing a disk.

If you've already registered and paid your full fee for a previous
font, you can purchase additional disks from the font library for $12,
or update to the newest versions of any fonts you already have for
$5 per disk.

The uploaded shareware versions of some of our fonts are
not complete. They may include only the upper case characters and
may not include all of the punctuation or special characters. Where
appropriate, the versions distributed on disk have upper, lower and
special characters.

Ragnarok's scriptorium is dedicated to producing unusual historical
and special purpose text and display fonts. Our fonts are available in
Type 1, Type 3 and TrueType format for the Mac and in TrueType
and Postscript format for IBM systems using Windows 3.0. Please
specify your preferred format and the font which you are registering
when ordering.

Send all payments and orders to:

RAGNAROK, POB 140333, Austin, TX 78714