Readme file for JSL Blackletter font
26 August 1997

The "JSL Blackletter" font is based upon a typeface created by William
Bullokar, for his "Booke at large, for the amendment of orthographie for
English speech", published in 1580 by Henrie Denham. In this book,
Bullokar attempted to regularise the spelling of English by adding some
letters to the English alphabet (mostly combinations of two letters,
such as "sh" or "ph"), and by using accents to mark the pronunciation of

He also provided several example typefaces, including the blackletter
alphabet which is the basis for this font. His new letters have been
removed, as I originally designed this font for the purpose of repro-
ducing some blackletter broadside ballads which used the normal English
orthography of the period. (Obviously, his idea was met with the same
enthusiasm that was shown to the Metric System by the United States...)

I used Fontographer 3.5.2 to produce this font. Because it uses ANSI
encoding, the glyph mapping will be somewhat different under OS/2 and
the Macintosh. Unfortunately, most of the cool ligatures are not used
by the default OS/2 codepage (which all of the applications seem to use,
regardless of the config.sys setting), so they're pretty much

The ISO Latin-1 characters (32-127, 160-255) are all present; many of
the extended Windows characters (128-159) are present as well, but some
have been replaced in order to provide certain ligatures and archaic

Code JSL Blackletter Arial
0131 Long 's' florin (script f)
0134 'st' ligature dagger
0135 unused double dagger
0142 'ff' ligature unused
0143 dotless 'i' unused
0144 half 'r' unused
0157 'ss' ligature unused

Under OS/2, the only special character available is the long 's', which
can be accessed as Alt-159.

Certain Windows 3.1 printer drivers do not output characters which are
"unused" by the base Windows character sets (such as the half 'r')
unless the "Output TrueType fonts as graphics" box is checked in the
printer driver. This problem may or may not occur under Windows 95, but
I can't say for certain.

JSL Blackletter is copyright (c) 1997 by Jeffrey S. Lee. Permission is
granted to freely distribute it, provided that it is distributed
unaltered, and it is accompanied by this text file. It may not be
included in any commercial package without prior permission from the
author. This font is "emailware"; if you like it and decide to use it,
please send me email at the address listed below. I will not charge you
any money or send you annoying email spam; I'm simply interested in
who's using it, and I'd be happy to receive any comments you might have
about the font.

Jeff Lee