What is FDF?:
The FunkDaFont vol. 1 was originally intented to be sold as a limited edition commercial font
pack. But I never found the time to promote it, so here it is - for your pleasure - as a
shareware packet.

A sort description:
FDF vol. 1 is 8 funky, strange, spaced out, cool headline typefaces, wich will make your designs
look VERY trendy. The fonts have been made with a lot more care than the average shareware font.
All fonts (except the most complex ones) includes all special and international characters.

Bandit - A cute, naive font with big feets.

Batmos - A tall, noisy, Jazzy, HipHop looking font.

Blue Room - Copied from writing on a UFO I once saw - that's true.

Clockwork - A clicketyclack broken up in an industrial way font.

Connection - ssshhiizzhh, snow on the line - looking like a bad data transfer.

Danzin Like Crazy - A font with a stupidly happy face.

See Your Point - Yes, all 10.365 circels were drawn by hand !!!

Stage Dive - A hand drawn book-print font.

Warrenty (or lack of same):
All the font has been carefully tested on both TrueType printers, PostScript printers &
photo-setters and should work error free, but Buddha Graphix can not be claimed responsible og
any loss or damage in connection with use of the fonts.

Shareware notice:
If you choose to keep & use one or more of the FDF fonts you must register the font(s) and pay a
shareware fee of 10 $ / 5 for one font or 30 $ / 15 for all 8 fonts.
The registration counts for one user. This means you may use the fonts on both a home computer
and a work computer. But.... If you give or send the fonts elsewhere (fx. to a print shop) you
should pay a shareware fee for this copy as well.
Once the fonts are registered you may freely use them in any commercial or privat design work.
But the copyright for the font design stays with Buddha Graphix.
You may copy and give the font(s) to your mother or anybody else, as long as this readme stays
with it.

How to register:
Send a letter or postcard stating your name, address etc & the name(s) of the font you wish to
register, along with an international cheque (made payable to Jesper Birk) to this address:

Jesper Birk
c/o Birk
Ronne Alle 6
7430 Ikast

The letter could look like this:


I wish to register:
Registered users with e-mail addresses will be notified of new FunkDaFont series. And recive
updates on the fonts (if I should ever care to do such).

Happy Designing & May the force be with you!
Jesper Birk / Buddha Graphix