French Grotesque
Released as shareware in June 1997.

"Grotesque" is one of the most misused words in typography. In
this case, it has its normal, non-typographic meaning, as French
Grotesque is roughly based on a series described simply as
"lettres grotesques" (grotesque letters) shown in a specimen
sheet issued by the Deberny foundry in Paris in 1910. Deberny
produced the series as outline and fill fonts for two-colour
printing in 18 pt., 24 pt. and 36 pt. sizes. A hollow version,
similar to the outline but with no fill, was available in 10, 12,
18, 24 and 36 points.

The specimen sheet shows only a few words in each size. In most
cases I have followed the design of the letters shown, and I have
added missing letters and a full Adobe Standard character set.
Two pairs of ornaments shown in the specimen sheet are in the [ ]
and { } positions.

French Grotesque was drawn in Fontographer 3.5 on a Windows
computer, and FontLab 2.5 was used extensively in correcting and
refining the font. The Macintosh versions were generated with
Fontographer 4.0.4.

I am releasing this font as shareware and asking for a
registration fee of $15 (Canadian dollars for Canadian users;
U.S. dollars or the equivalent of US$15 in local currency for
users outside Canada).

Registered users will receive a receipt and notice of any new
versions or fonts that I release. For Canadian users, the price
includes GST and, in Quebec, QST.

This font may not be sold or modified without my written consent.
French Grotesque may not be distributed without this text file.

Please send your registration fee in the form of a Canadian
cheque or an international money order, with your name and return
address, to:

Jonathan Paterson
3534 de Lorimier
Montreal, Quebec
Canada H2K 3X6