__________ __________ ____ ___ __ ______________
/\ / /_ __/ / / /_ __/ / / ___\ / _ \ / / / /_ __/___ /
/ \ / / / / / /__/ / / / / / / /___ / / \_\/ /__/ / / / / /
/ /\ \/ / / / / ___ / / / / / \____ \/ / __/ ___ / / / / / FONTS
/ / \ /_/ /_/ / / /_/ /_/ /_______/ /\ \_/ / / / /_/ /_ / /____
/_/ \/_____/_/ /_/_____/_____/\____/ \___/_/ /_/_____/ /______/

Faith Collapsing v1.0

This one's kinda a cross between one of those disfunctional messy
old typewriter fonts, and one of those old English blackletter gothic
type thingy fonts. The little "not defined" thing is from the cover
of Rantology. And the name's from a Ministry song. Because Ministry
is awesome. And their concerts are awesomer, especially when they're
loud to the point of painfulness and you get stepped on by obnoxious
large drunk guys. Curse my height deficiency! Curse yooouuuu! But
then we went to Perkins after and ate pancakes so it's okay. We,
being me and my friends, NOT the previously mentioned large obnoxious
drunk guy. Because I hate him.

This font is free, and you can do whatever you want with it, for your
personal use. If you want to distribute this font, that's fine. Just
keep this text file with it so people know who made it. You can
distribute it on any free font websites or any other form you want, as
long as you keep it free and don't claim you made it. Cause you didn't.
No selling it, or claiming it as your own. If you want to use this
font to make something really cool, just email me about it to get
permission. I'll want a copy of whatever you make. If you make money
off my font, I want some too. No commercial use without my permission

Speaking of money, if you like my font a lot and want to give me money,
I'd love that. Donations are awesome and therefore people who donate
are awesome. Email me and we could work something out, and then maybe
I'll give you something super awesome as well. A drawing, a custom
stenciled t-shirt, I make stuff like that. Depends on if I'm feeling
generous. And if I have enough shirt/fabric paint/plastic sheets/crap.

Email me if you like my font, or if you want to make some spiffy stuff
with it, or just want to have some sort of conversation. I don't like
talking to strangers in real life, but on the internet I generally
enjoy it. Although recently my email access has been severely restricted,
because of stuff, so if you're planning on emailing me, be prepared for
a possibly looong wait for a reply. Don't worry, I'll try to reply to
all the emails I get, it just might take a while. :(

Check this site for some of my artwork.
My myspace! It's horrible! AAAGGGHHH!!!