Can be used for personal projects and NFP Organisations free of charge.戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 I would like to see how you have used it, though.戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 Contact me for commercial usage and/or redistribution at media_nut@hotmail.com戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 ©2008 Essqué Productions戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 Please keep this file with the font.