Highlander font
made by beccaelizabeth in 8 hours on the 8th of september 1998.

Based on the Highlander series credits. Which means I extrapolated
from the words Highlander, Tessa, Richie and Macleod. I could have
made it prettier but this looks like the credits now.

Anyone that downloads this and likes it, or can see where
it needs improving, email me beccaelizabeth@geocities.com

This is version two with the lower case letters and numbers. Really
lower case is just a smaller version of the capital letters but I
thought I would play a bit.

In the hope anyone actually reads this, this font is pretty much free,
but if you use it I would like it if you send some money to the
Clan Denial collection for Starlight Children's Foundation.
http://www.clandenial.org/ for more details. If none seems to be
running right then leave a message on the board to ask when the next
one is.

Richie Lives!

Official Gardener, Ringmaster and deputy recruiter of Clan Denial