Nymph's Handwriting
TrueType™ Font
By and © Lauren Thompson,
Designer “Nymphont”
Based on the designer's own handwriting.
Free for Personal Use
To use commercially, place a paypal donation
at my donation page located at:
and write an email to me, Lauren Thompson,
nymphont@yahoo.com to obtain and enter into
a Commercial Font End User License Agreement.
Thank you.

More fonts by Nymphont visit:
Stay tuned for http://www.nymphont.com

Upon downloading this font the user agrees and
is bound to abide the Free Font Terms of Use/Free
Font End User License Agreement (TOU/EULA)
defined below. This agreement pertains to you/user
and the licensing rights granted with this download.

Free Font Terms of Use &
Free Font End User License Agreement:
1.)This font is free for personal use* and may not
be used commercially.** Read entire TOU/EULA
for more information. Direct comments, questions,
and suggestions to nymphont@yahoo.com.

2.) The distribution of this font for financial gain or
profit is prohibited. Do not add this font to a font
CD/compilation and or archive that is to be sold
for a profit.

Basically, don’t sell this font, and do not make things
that are to be sold with this font... It’s free for personal
use only. Commercial use requires the user to obtain
a Commercial Font End User License, to do so email

For profit scrapbooking and digital scrapbooking material (s) or
scrapbooking and digital scrapbooking material(s) intended to
be sold/resold with this font are also prohibited under this license,
and require a commercial license. To obtain a Commercial
Font End User License for this font email nymphont@yahoo.com.

Please note, scrapbooking and digital scrapbooking use of this
font is only restricted when pertaining to the making of any for
profit items. Otherwise creating items to be used “personally,”
whether in a traditional scrapbook or digital scrapbook is entirely
permitted under this free license.

3.) This font file must be kept intact as downloaded. Under no
circumstances may this font file itself be edited, altered, or modified
at any time or in any measure. This prohibits and includes but is
not limited to, renaming this font file, as well as the creation of
so-called “new” and/or derivitave fonts from this font file or any
other possible digital representations.

4.) Redistribution of this font is permitted only if this readme is, as well
as the font file itself, kept intact as is, and it is offered free of charge,
no fee is implemented upon the aquistition of this font. If you do
redistribute this font, please email Lauren Thompson,
nymphont@yahoo.com with details.

5.) Upon downloading this font, the user accepts all liability and
sole responsibility for the font file and it’s downloading, and any
accompanying files therein. Lauren Thompson (Nymphont) is not
responsible or liable for any damages, loss or other consequences
incurred as a result of downloading this font, or otherwise relating
or associated with the download.

*Personal use does not constitute “public domain.”

**If you are interested in the commercial use of this font or using
this font in any manner outside the realm of “personal use,” you
must obtain the rights to use this font commercially
(Commercial Font End User License) prior to doing so. To obtain
and enter into a Commercial Font End User License Agreement
with this font, contact me Lauren Thompson, nymphont@yahoo.com.

Thank you for accepting and abiding these terms. What can I say
I really love to font! If you’ve got it, font it!

Moving right along, have lots of fun with this font. Let me know
what you think by dropping me a line at nymphont@yahoo.com.
I’d love to see what you have created using my font and how
you have put it to use. Stay tuned, The Nymphont Foundry
website will make it’s debut shortly at: http://www.nymphont.com/