Bagarozz True Type Font
by Roberto Cecchi,

This font is part of my diploma thesis.

I designed Bagarozz (not exactly this one: You downloaded version 2.0)
to study possibilities offered by ordinary fonts to create illustrations
in a simple way through combination / processing of some preset shapes (keys).

My research ended with the creation of Brodo
( ) that brought these ideas
on a new level with the introduction of 3d element.

Bagarozz (that means "bugs") is totally free and you may use it for commercial
and non commercial uses, without asking permission.

If You like Bagarozz, feel free to leave me a comment in the "Bagarozz" post
on my blog ( ).

This zipfile must be kept intact, without alterations, if being transferred
via Disk, email, internet, or any other media. It can be made available
for downloading from website.

Roberto Cecchi.

<<<<<<<< CONDITIONS OF USE >>>>>>>>>

1. This font can be used for personal and commercial use.

2. The zipfile containing the font and this text file must be kept
intact, without alterations, additions or deletions.

3. This font can be transferred, stored or made available to other
computers or on the internet/bulletin board as long as no fee or
charge is requested for this service.

4. No warranty is offered, or understood to have been offered by the
supplier of this font, and the risk of any losses or damage from
use of this font remain with the user.

5. The supplier can not be responsible for any problems that may arise
by misuse of the font.