A few years ago i created a logo for a little event-management company in Hamburg Germany.
Their name was "Cool Blue Events" I draw this logo with the three letters cbe without using an existing font.
They asked me to expand this three letters to a nearly full featured font for use with their flyers... Here it is:
cbe Normal...

If you like it, please drop me a note at: wiegel@aepnet.de

This Font is freeware. However it is Not Public Domain.
You are allowed to share this font (including this readme-file) without asking for any fee and to use it however and howoften you want.
If you want to add this to your Font-Download-Page, please drop me a note.
And please ask me, if you want to put it on a commercial Font-CD or some other commercial software product.

(c) P. Wiegel CAT-Design Wolgast