Bowl-O-Rama pays tribute to the classic game of bowling.
Having lived in Milwaukee for 3 years, a one time bowling capitol
in America, I still long for the sound of striking pins and
the occasional polka!

Is it Shareware?
No! This is SILVERWARE! (The only thing you can get FREE from a Diner)
Use it for anything!

Hey Stu, do you sell any other fonts?
Absolutely, check out the Font Menu at the Diner as well as the
ever creepy Brain Eaters font company B-Movie fonts online at Also, feel free to download our
Font Diner digital catalog.

Where is the Font Diner?
For the freshest service, and the tastiest selection of fonts,
swing right in to

How can you contact me?

Distribution and Copyright Info:
This font is freeware, but is not in the public domain (meaning it is still the property
of the Font Diner). You have permission to redistribute this package as long as this
readme If you include this font on a CD-ROM, please mail me a copy at the above address.

Bowl-O-Rama is 1998 the Font Diner