Greetings fellow font fiend.

Thanks for downloading the Font for the Dumped family
(plain and outline). I hope you like the hand-lettered
alphabets. If you use them for a website, email me the URL,
I'll check it out.

The Font for the Dumped family is free for non-commercial
use. If you want to use the font commercially, you have to
contact me first. You might end up having to send me money
or good karma, whichever I happen to be in the mood for at
the time.

Font for the Dumped and Font for the Dumped Outline are
Copyright 1997 by Jason Fagone/Alphabet Soup. Please don't
redistribute them without asking me first. Thanks.

Visit Alphabet Soup at
for more free fonts. Email me at if you have
any feedback or suggestions, or if you can't get the fonts
to work on your machine.

Have fun,
Jason Fagone