Wolves & Ravens 1.1
An Emailware Windows TrueType Font by S. John Ross
A product of the Cumberland Fontworks

This is a simple fantasy font based on a player handout I created
for a fantasy campaign in my teenage years. There was a cryptic
message - "Wolves and Ravens Devour the Unwary" - carved into the
side of a wooden footbridge, as an omen of things to come. The
handwriting was meant to represent a quasi-runic style of Roman
letters, of the sort that might be crudely carved with a dagger
into the soft wood of the bridge rail.

This font expands those characters into a full alphabet of 26
letters, plus 0-9 and a squarish "bullet" that serves as a
generic sort of punctuation mark. These are the only characters
in the font.

If you like this font, please register it by sending an email to
sjohn@io.com describing any uses you come up with for it! Also,
drop by the Cumberland Fontworks (URL above) to download more
gamer-fonts and font-toys!

- S. John Ross, July 2000