About me
My name is Simon Wiesmayr. I live and work in Karlsruhe, Germany.
I'm doing interactive- and graphic-design. For more information
about me and my work check my website @ http://www.rebellium.de.

About this font

The Autobahn Family consists of two fonts, Autobahn & Autobahn Stencil.

It's published as TTF (True Type Format), which can be used on both,
Windows and Mac Os. Standard German and English alphabet, punctuation,
currency signs and numerals are included.

You are allowed to use this Font Family for private purposes only.
If you'll use it for a commercial project, you need to lisence the
Font(s) you'd like to use.
If you're interessted in purchasing a Style or the whole Font Family,
mail me your request to fonts@rebellium.de.

If you're interested in other fonts i've created, check the type-section
on my website @ http://www.rebellium.de.

Greetings. Simon