!CRASS ROOTS OFL includes a small number of OpenType Typographic Features. The are special character substitutions that "OpenType aware" applications, such as professional typesetting programs (Adobe Creative Suite, &c.) can implement. Set #1 is generally on by default, and Set #2 may be turned by the user. In addition, all the glyphs may be accessed through direct selection or copy and paste from a character mapping program.

#1 Automatic Default Ligature Set:
(OpenType )

fi ligature
-will be substituted for 'f', 'i'

fl ligature
-will be substituted for 'f', 'l'

#2 Optional, or Discretionaty Ligature Set:
(OpenType )

- will be substituted for 'E', 't'
Plus or Minus
- will be substituted for '+', '-' OR
- will be substituted foir '+', '/', '-'
- will be substituted for '.', '~'