thank you for downloading "festus!"
a tasty, handcrafted microfont from the pacific northwest,
based on a handwritten set of bad directions.

"festus!" is a windows95 truetype font
designed in the emerald city, seattle, washington,
by steven j. lundeen,
copyright 1997.

please note,
"festus!" is a shareware font,
and has been made available for evaluation purposes only,
for a period not to exceed 30 days.

if you find this font useful,
and decide to use/keep it beyond the 30-day evaluation period,
a shareware fee of $6.00 US must be paid to:

steven j. lundeen
c/o m.a.t.
4517 49th ave. n.e.
seattle, wa 98105

payment of shareware fee entitles user to
a single-license/single-machine installation,
and unrestricted personal use of the truetype font,

commercial/for-profit uses of "festus!" are expressly forbidden
without payment of appropriate shareware fees.

permission is granted to freely distribute and/or post this font,
providing that all files in the original archive are attached,
including this one.

please support the art of fontography.


you can contact any member of the staff at m.a.t.
via the following address:

all comments, critiques, raves, rages,
flames and proposals of marriage invited.