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Aggressive Angry Baby Killer v1.0

Presenting another one of those scribbly-maniacal fonts that so many
people seem to like to make. There's tons of 'em out there. I shall
add my own scribblies to the pile. I think this font is pretty spiffy.
It's scribbly, uneven, psychotic, and has little random lines and
scratchiness and stuff. And you can't go wrong with a name like
Aggressive Angry Baby Killer. The name is from a conversation between
some of my friends and I, we decided that's what we'd call a band if we
had any musical talent whatsoever. That, or Burning Ukuleles. Maybe I
should name a font that, next.

With this font, I did something different with the numbers. Instead of
making regular 1 2 3 numerals, I wrote out the German numbers- eins,
zwei, drei etc. This seemed like a good idea for some reason. But I
realized that in order to make any number larger than 9, I'd have to make
a few extra characters. So here's a guide to how to use 'em. If you
don't speak German, this might not make a whole lot of sense. So you
should go learn German. XD Deutsch ist prima.

Zero through nine are just the regular number buttons on the keyboard.
The key for Zehn is #
The key for Elf is $
The key for Zwölf is %
For 13-16 and 18-19, just put the second digit then #. So 13 would be
3# (dreizehn) und so weiter.
17 is weird, since it's siebzehn. (instead of seibenzehn) So "sieb" is ^
For the rest of the double digit numbers, German does it kinda reverse
from English- instead of twentyone it's one-and-twenty (ein und zwanzig)
so "und" is & (convenient, yes? =3)

Almost all the rest of the double digit numbers end in "zig"- so the key
for "zig" is *
20 is another kinda weird one- it's "zwanzig" so "zwan" is +
30 is the only double digit number that doesn't end in "zig" - It's
dreißig so "ßig" is =
The rest of 'em are just the number plus "zig" except 70 is similar to
17, it's siebzig- but there's already a "sieb" key. :D

Oh, I almost forgot- for some of the numbers with "one" like 61 or
whatever- it's ein instead of eins- so the key for ein is ;
The key for Hundert is <
The key for Tausend is >

And that's about as high as I feel like going. You can combine these
things to make some pretty large numbers. Probably more than most
people would need to use... but oh well. Hopefully I explained it well
and it isn't too confusing. Like I said, it's probably best if you
know some German to begin with. If you have any problems you could
check out the character map. Or I guess you could email me, but I don't
know if I could possibly explain it any clearer... ahh well. Have fun
with this thing.

This font is free, and you can do whatever you want with it for your
personal use. If you want to distribute this font, that's fine. Just
keep this text file with it so people know who made it- and how to work
the crazy German number system thing. You can distribute it on free
font websites or any other form you want, as long as you keep it free and
don't claim you made it. No selling it or claiming it as your own.
If you want to use this font to make something really cool, just email
me about it to get permission. I'll probably just want a free copy of
whatever you make. If you make money off my font, I want some too.
No commercial use without my permission first.

Speaking of money, if you like my font a lot and want to give me money,
I'd love that. Donations are awesome and therefore people who donate
are awesome. Email me and we could work something out, and then maybe
I'll give you something super awesome as well. A drawing, a custom
stenciled t-shirt, I make stuff like that. Depends on if I'm feeling
generous. XD

Email me if you like my font, or if you want to make some spiffy stuff
with it, or stuff.

Check this site for some of my artwork.