From: Lee Gordon
Subject: Re: Boston Red Sox
Date: Thursday, October 21, 2004 1:53 PM

<font version of it a while back and
posted it here but I don't recall the name of it or even if it was any
good. I didn't d/l to check it out but I for some reason recall the
thread about it.>>

I was one of those people looking for a Sox font and was alerted to the
Ortiz artwork by someone in this group. I made some fonts from that artwork
but I have never posted it. I called the font "Bosox." There are 4
variations which I named Bosox, Bosox SemiBold, Bosox Outline, and Bosox
Outline Heavy. There's also one called Bosox Full which I think is
identical to Bosox SemiBold but I'll upload it as well, just in case it
might be useful to anyone. The "bold" versions are not exactly just bolder
versions of the regular fonts but it was the only naming convention I could
think of.
This was one of my first attempts to make a TrueType font (Windows version,
BTW) so the kerning is not perfect but I think it is passable.
I've never tried posting fonts to the group before so I may not get it right
the first time, but here goes.

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